Forms and Fee Schedule


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Membership Application Form Version 2022.5
Nominated Voter Form

Fee Schedule
Fee Schedule Version 2024.1
Genetic and DNA Testing Fee Schedule

Calf Registration Form
ET Form
AI Sire Registration Form 2022.5
Overseas Donor Dam Form 2022.6
Australian Born Donor Dam Form 2022.5
Angus Society to Red Angus Transfer Form Version 2022.5
Certificate of Service 2022.5

DNA APPLICATIONS – please fill out this form and send to the office along with the sample
For Applications using TSUs
For Applications using Hair Cards
For Multiple Dams and Sires to be Tested Against
For information on the genetic conditions Red Angus currently test for please follow the link here
AWARD APPLICATIONS – please inform the office of any achievements at a Show
MERCHANDISE – please contact the office prior to ordering to check stock availability!
Red Angus Merchandise Form
Junior Red Angus Polo Shirt Order Form
To view the merchandise available please click here