30 Jan

2017 Circular Head Results

The 2017 Circular Head Competition saw Red Angus members winning prizes in both the hook and hoof sections.

A note from the Circular Head Agricultural Society:

Trade and Export Cattle Competition 2017/18

The 35th annual hoof and hook competition saw a yarding of 50 entries with a quality field of 36 yearlings and 14 heavy Japanese export steers, with many of the entrants in group of three cross-entered in the Beef Australia competition in Rockhampton.  Our class specifications were altered to match the Beef Australia classes, hence the classes being Two and Three this year.

The hoof section was held at Stanley on Saturday December 9th with young local expert Damon Englund picking the winners, and explaining his selections to the onlookers.

This year a first time winner took the prize in the yearling class, with D Green and C Powell taking out first with a Speckle Park cross.  They have a group of pure-bred Speckle Park cattle on the way, so look out for them in future years. Second was Crighton Horton, and third M&G De Jonge. In the Japanese Export class it was Rex Frankcombe first and second, proving the consistent quality of his herd. Western Plains took third.  The Frankcombe steer also won show champion and the Cyril Wells Memorial Trophy.

In the public judging the Forest Cattery and Kennel again sponsored the chocolates, for those who were closest to the judges selections in each class.  Class Two winner was Yvonne Barker, with another  box of chocolates for former judge Dale Grey in Class Three.

Thanks to our many sponsors for their continuing generosity that makes the competition possible.  We also appreciate the extensive support of Greenham Tasmania. The disruption to the daily routine of the plant, especially the boning room, is considerable.

The other valued sponsors are Bayer Animal Health, Gallagher Australia, Chemvet, Zoetis, Incitec-Pivot, Trutest, Coopers Animal Health, Castlegate James, Moonlake Investments, Rabobank, Roberts Ltd., and Virbac Australia along with Onesteel Waratah fencing products, Pine Park (Angus, Red Angus and Charolais), and Webb and Woodiwiss livestock agents. Also local sponsors Perry’s Quality Meats, Smithton Vet Service, Medwin Enterprises, Jaeger Electrical and the Wells family, Anthony’s at Highfield, Nut Chairlift and Western Plains.

At the Greenham Tasmania facility on the 10th of January, MSA assessor Janine Lau from MLA measured the carcases to establish the best performers on the hook.  First place in Class Two went to Western Plains, with a heifer originally bred by neighbours Audrey and Robert Scott.   Crichton Horton was second and Banna Holdings third.

In Class Three the  Heres family from Shanford Park Angus took the main prize with Western Plains second and Bayswater Red Angus third

Peter Greenham congratulated producers on the conformation of the  carcases, although there were carcases this year that did not quite fit the specifications.

Grass finished beef has grown in demand both locally and overseas, and the consistent quality of Tasmanian grass finished beef is gaining a reputation worldwide.  He also commended producers for their continuing improvement in carcase quality.

The Committee would like to wish all beef producers a prosperous New Year.  We thank entrants and our sponsors for their continued support.  Our aim is to see the continued support for high quality grass-fed, antibiotic free and hormone free beef under the popular Cape Grim and Never Ever labels. We hope to see you at the 2018/19 competition, which will see a change in format to pens of three cattle per entry, to match the Beef Australia National Carcase Competition, and also hopefully see the opening of our new hoof judging facility at the Stanley Showground.


This year’s winners were:


Class Two

1st   36 D Green & C Powell

2nd  48 Crighton Horton

3rd   30 M&G De Jonge


Class Three

1st    71 Rex Frankcombe

2nd   70 Rex Frankcombe

3rd    75 Western Plains


Champion of Show and CYRIL WELLS Memorial Trophy

1st     71 Rex Frankcombe



Class One

1st      24 Western Plains

2nd     47 Crighton Horton

3rd     38 Banna Holdings


Class Two

1st  78 Shanford Park Angus

2nd  75Western Plains

3rd  80 Bayswater Red Angus



Helen Brock receiving 3rd place prizes for Jap Ox on Hook

Peter Greenham presenting Hoof Winner Rex Frankcombe with prizes

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