19 Mar

2017 Circular Head Show Carcase Results

At the 2017 Circular Head Show Carcase Competition, some Tasmanian studs gained some great results.

Rex Frankcombe won on the hoof with his Yearling Trade Steer.

On the hook in the Yearling Trade Steer/Heifer Class 1 Rex Franckombe was placed 7th with 84.21 points and 11th with 79.58 points. Bayswater Red Angus was placed 19th in this class with 70.58 points.

In Class 2, the Prime Beef Steer Japanese Export Bayswater Red Angus was 3rd with 84.03 points, Rex Frankcombe 6th with 76.61 points and 15th with 41.87 points. Audrey Scott was 7th with 74.82 points and 11th with 72.59 points.

Thank you to Helen Brock for these results.

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