16 Apr

2019 Sydney Royal Easter Show Results

The Red Angus were judged on Saturday the 13th of April.

The judge was Mr Jason Catts from Futurity Shorthorns at Baradine.

Results were as follows:

Female 9 months and not over 12 months

1st Goondoola Gold P10

2nd Goonoo Petal P10

3rd Goondoola Gold P09

4th Yallambee Mulberry Girl P13

Female over 12 and not over 16 mths.
1st GK Red Bella MB N36
2nd Goonoo Red Nellie N39

Female 16 not over 20 mths
1st Goondoola Cheta N15
2nd Round-Em-Up Foxy Lady N38
3rd Goondoola Miss Nevada N29
4th Goonoo Nature N32

Junior Champion Female – Goondoola Cheta N15
Reserve Junior Champion Female – Goondoola Gold P10

Female over 30 months
Senior champion – Goondoola Gold M24
Reserve Senior Champion – GK Red 23 Tinsel J18

Grand Champion Female – Goondoola Cheta N15

Bull under 12 months
1st Goondoola Pistol P06
2nd Yallambee Pat P7
3rd Yallambee Patrick P3
4th Redgums Yambuna Boy P1

Bull over 12 under 16 months
1st Black Diamond Red Phenomenon
2nd GK 1B The Natural N38
3rd GK Red 1B Power Up P1
4th Goondoola Pioneer P02

Bull over 16 under 20 months
1st Round-Em-Up Signature N18
2nd RDMG Crimson Tide N16
3rd Goondoola Never Forget N18

Junior Champion Bull – Black Diamond Red Phenomenon 
Reserve Junior Champion Bull – Goondoola Pistol P06

Bull 20 not over 24 months
1st Redgums Willy
2nd Goondoola National N09
3rd Round Em Up Non Stopable N019

Bull over 30 not over 36 mths
1st Goonoo Red Mind

Senior Champion Bull – Redgums Willy
Reserve Senior Champion Bull – Goondoola National N09

Grand Champion Bull – Redgums Willy

Two bulls not over 24 months
1st Goondoola Red Angus
2nd GK Red Angus
3rd Round-Em-Up Livestock
4th Watson Park Pty Ltd

Sire or dam’s progeny
1st Round Em Up livestock – Red Six Mile Signature 295B
2nd G & K Iseppi – Red Double B Bullseye 1B
3rd Goondoola Red Angus – Red Six Mile Custom Made 505C
4th Watson Park Pty Ltd – Yallambee Roley 

Breeders Group
1st Goondoola Red Angus
2nd Round-Em-Up livestock
3rd G & K Iseppi
4th Watson Park Pty Ltd

Best exhibit: Goondoola Cheta N15, Powe Family


For photos and results from The Land, CLICK HERE

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