27 Jun

BEEF 2018 ANZ Carcase Competition

ANZ National Beef Carcase Competition

Amongst the first entries this week for Beef Australia 2018 ANZ National Beef Carcase Competition, were processed at NH Foods Thomas Borthwick and Sons Meatworks Mackay.  Exhibitors entering stock in the Mackay Show Carcase Competition took the opportunity to test the competitiveness of their stock on a regional, as well as national level.


The Beef Australia 2018 ANZ National Beef Carcase Competition is once again allowing producers the opportunity to compete in a national competition whilst following normal supply times and processing at their favoured plants.  21 processing plants nationally with plants in every state have agreed to process entries.  The competition will run from now until March 2018, with times aligned as best as possible to regional peak turn off times.


Beef producers interested in entering or finding out more about the competition should go to www.beefaustralia.com.au click on cattle competitions.  All nominations are to be made online.  By nominating online, entrants will be able to enter and pay their nominations in a simple, secure and easy to use procedure.


For more information please contact the Carcase Competition Coordinator Jackie Kyte on 0409564729

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