27 Nov


The message is clear and Beef Australia want you to help shout it from the top paddock, the Board room, the sale yards and the restaurants – BEEF IS ON in Rockhampton next May 2021.
In September, the board and management of Beef Australia assembled a Public Health and Safety Working Group with the appropriate skills and expertise to develop a thorough and robust COVID Safe Event Plan. The brief was to deliver a blueprint to enable the delivery of a world class event, with strict and practical guidelines to manage all and any potential health risks.

Beef Australia Chair Bryce Camm said “We are thrilled to have our COVID Safe Event Plan formally endorsed by the Queensland Chief Health Officer. An immense level of time and work has been invested into the document, and consequently our confidence in our ability to deliver what will be the first major event in Australia since our nation has been impacted by the pandemic is resolute. However, we will remain flexible, responsive and adaptive as the COVID world evolves.”

Beef Australia Honorary Medical Officer, Dr Anthony Keating, a member of the Public Health and Safety Working Group responsible for production of the COVID Safe Plan said “All aspects and components of the week long beef expo have been carefully analysed and considered, and we are convinced of the COVID Safe Plan’s robustness and compliance.

“The plan sets out in minute detail, the processes to minimise risk and manage any potential cases – while ensuring the visitor and crowd experience is social, efficient, comfortable and fun. The plan is formulated to be adaptive to any changes or unfolding requirements as defined by our State Government and public health authorities. Beef Australia can proceed confidently with the knowledge that there has been a thorough planning process” said Dr Keating.

Beef Australia plays a vital role in showcasing the Australian beef supply chain, driving global trade, attracting investment and in 2018 it generated over $85 million for the local economy.
Beef Australia CEO Ian Mill said “Beef Australia is not only vital to the Australian beef industry; it is a major economic driver for the region. In 2018 it had generated over $85 million for the local community – we are thrilled to be able to deliver this again.”

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