18 May

Champion of the World Competition

2020 “Angus – Champion of the World” Entries

*** Open to any registered Red Angus Male or Female***

Due to most shows around the world being cancelled, we will be accepting entries from now until 1 October 2020 for the competition.

Please email bull and female entries to pjbudler@gmail.com

1. Picture of animal taken in 2020 (No editing or manipulation of animal itself)
2. Name of animal
3. Owner information
4. Country

– Open to registered Angus, Red Angus, Native Origin Angus, Aberdeen-Angus, German Angus
– The 4 official judges will select country representatives in October.
– The official judges are:
Heitor Lutti Pinheiro Machado (Brazil)
Brent Fisher (New Zealand)
João Ferreira (Portugal)
Rafael Ramirez (Mexico)
– Any National/Premier show that does take place in 2020 will be used to qualify animals.
– The USA Red Angus and Angus qualifiers will be the 2020 NWSS Champions
The 9th edition of the “Angus – Champion of the World” competition takes place from 6-20 December 2020

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