21 Jun

Changes to the WA JD Cattle Import Conditions

There will be new Cattle JD Import Conditions for cattle entering WA from 1 July 2021 which are explained in the below explanation paper.

New Johnes Disease Import Regulations for WA Effective 1 July 2021

The new Import Conditions will apply equally across all jurisdictions and are based on herd size rather than which jurisdiction the cattle are coming from. For WA and NT the Import Conditions requirements are a bit more rigorous but for Vic, Tas and SA the testing requirements are reduced somewhat for larger herds with over 140 eligible cattle (over three years of age). However for smaller herds under 140 head of eligible cattle in all jurisdictions the testing requirements remain rigorous and for herds with under 100 head of eligible cattle breeders must apply for an Import Permit.

Detail on the import conditions are available on the webpage  www.agric.wa.gov.au/JD-cattle-import-conditions

Alex McDonald

Executive Officer

Australian Registered Cattle Breeders Association

Ph 0412 811 123

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