14 Sep

Crossing the borders to attend sales

ARCBA have shared the advice below from Andrew Sinnamon, Regional Manager for Agforce, for those wishing to cross the NSW/QLD border to attend sales.

You will need to the following:

1. The Class exemption letter from the Chief Health Officer to the Director General CLICK HERE  

2. Proof of person (Drivers license)

3. Proof of Activity:

a) Documents proving you are a livestock producer, land rates etc

b) A letter from the sales vendor, explaining that you are coming to QLD to inspect livestock, and reiterate in that letter that these are high value animals and the long term impacts to ones herd. In short why it is essential that you inspect the livestock.

4. Your own COVID plan to demonstrate you have not been exposed to the virus, and the measures taken.

5. Itinerary – a plan on where they intend to stop and stay.

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