30 Oct

Friday 5 with a Council Member!

Today’s Council Member that I interviewed is Bob Boote who is the current Vice President.

Who are you and where are you from? Bob Boote, Drouin South Victoria.  I have been farming all my life since leaving school. Been on the same property since I was 5 years old. I farm with my wife Sandi and we started with Red Angus in 2002 with cattle from Barbara Birch, Judy Frankenberg and Ryves Hawker.

What do you like about being on Council? Being on Council has given me an opportunity to work with other Council members and bring the breed into the future and solve problems when they arise.

Favourite Red Angus Memories? Gathering with Victorian members, road trips to other States and meeting with breeders in those States. So far I’ve visited WA, TAS, SA, NSW & VIC. Really enjoyed visiting King Island and seeing progeny from Bootehill bulls.

What’s the best thing about Red Angus? I’ve always bought red coated cattle and when I saw the Red Angus, I fell in love with them. I like their temperament, ease of calving, easy doing, maternal characteristics and they are great to work with.

Who’s going to win the Bledisloe match on the weekend? I’d like to hope that Australia will win, but the All Blacks always seem to get up.

Bob added that he hopes QLD wins in the State of Origin match on Wednesday.

Thanks Bob for your time!



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