19 Nov

Friday 5 with a Council Member!

This week’s Council member is David Hobbs from NSW.

Who are you and where are you from?

For those who don’t know me. We as a family Ashleigh, Taylah, Hunter, Stuart and Jessica operate Round -Em-Up Red Angus and Simmental stud .

I managed Tullatoola Red Angus/BST for 22 years until the passing of Bruno Schmid in 2013.

We live in Central West NSW in a small town called Molong. We also recently purchased Moorwatha Red Angus from Judy and Roger Frankenberg with a view to eventually putting this into our kids names to continue on one of the oldest stud names in Australia – they are one of the founding member studs.

This is my second time as a board member and have a big belief that we need to be closer and more open to our members with information etc.


What’s the best thing about Red Angus cattle?

My Passion for Red Angus started with one bull used over heifers in a large Simmental operation. We soon discovered that they had a diverse use for many reasons. The ability to poll other horned breeds, to put pigment around eyes, add milking ability, and a quiet docility are just a few of the attributes that I love about Red Angus .


Favourite Red Angus Memories?

Best memories are Adelaide feature breed in 2009.

My time at Tullatoola building a lasting cow herd .

Fellow members across Australia within the breed both commercially and stud.


Favourite cut of meat and/or meal?

Favourite cut of meat is home grown 21 day hung Red Angus rib rack slow cooked and then sliced into individual steaks.


What are the benefits of being part of a breed society?

The benefits of being in the breed society are  you are part of a breeding unit trying to improve a genetic product with fellow members who have various tools available to them within the breed society. I have a view on this that you only get out of a breed and society what you are prepared to put in. There are plenty of resources that one can use to record and help improve their stud cattle in a society as well as being able to meet fellow breeders. We should remember that as much as it is being a business it should also be fun.

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