27 Nov

Friday 5 with a Council Member!

This week’s Council Member featured is Josie Beveridge who is the Tasmanian Council Member.

Who am I?

I’m Josie (Josephine actually) Beveridge, a born and bred Tasmanian, but don’t hold that against me! I am a Medical Scientist by profession, although these days I only work in pathology one day per week (soon to retire altogether).

I grew up on a dairy farm and became involved in the beef industry when joining my late partner John Wear on the property here in northern Tasmania. John began the Angus stud in 1970, so the Chale Angus stud, like the Red Angus Society is celebrating 50 years.

My involvement with Red Angus cattle began with the Angus herd having a significant red gene and we would regularly get a red calf or two. In the late nineties I purchased two Red Angus cows that originally came from the old Emu Vale stud here in Tassie. The late Ellis Ashton who managed that herd was a wonderful cattleman and a great mentor. He was a Red Angus breed inspector in the early days of the Society.

From there I kept expanding the Red Angus herd, purchasing cows from Jillangolo and Moorwatha herds with the first registrations in the year 2000. My partner John passed away in 2017 and I have continued on my own with both the Enfield Red Angus and Chale Angus herds, calving about 150 stud cows altogether on 700 acres. The bulls are offered in an annual bull sale in the autumn. You could say I have been on a steep learning curve with some aspects of the farm management and learning lots of new skills!

Benefits breed society?

Being part of a breed society gives you a wonderful community of like-minded people who enjoy their cattle and from whom you can learn and promote the breed.

Favourite Red Angus memories?

Learning from Ellis Ashton, who I mentioned was a great mentor.

Favourite meat/meal?

A good scotch fillet with good marbling, and I hate to say it but I am quite partial to a nice little rack of lamb.

Christmas wish list?

Is this where I wish for world peace? Other than that, I hope everyone can be with their family and friends for Christmas and stay safe.

Thanks Josie!

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