04 Dec

Friday 5 with a Council Member!

This week’s Council Member featured is Lyal Llewellyn from South Australia.

1 Who are you and where are you from?

I’m Lyal Llewellyn and I farm at Willalooka, in the Upper South East of SA.

Where we run a mixed farm with my wife Heather, son Mark and his wife Jen and their children Angus, Eliza & Abby.

We run a Red Angus herd of 150 registered breeders and mixed commercial herd of 180 cows, some sheep as well as cropping.

We have had stud cattle all our lives, having Illawarra Dairy cattle before moving to Keith and going into the Red Angus in 2006, when we purchased the Jillangolo herd of 50 cows and calves.

We have built the herd to what it is today retaining the Jillagolo carcase and moderate size whilst adding top overseas and the best Australian blood lines.


2 What’s the best thing about Red Angus cattle?

Red Angus are versatile for use in what ever your needs are – vealers, feedlot or grain steers. Cross breeding is a great strength for our breed, whatever breed you cross Red Angus with, you will get improvement, not just hybrid vigour, but more fat in Euros, no eye cancer in Herefords etc. Our feedlot clients tell us you don’t need a bonus with RA because they leave the feedlot at least 2 weeks before anything else. Temperament is also important to our clients.


3 Favourite Red Angus memories?

The Feature Shows at Adelaide in 2009 and Sydney 2016.

Watching the grandchildren proceed through the years from 8 years of age with heifer shoes etc with great success to this day where they do most of the show preparation themselves.


4 What’s your favourite cut of meat/meal?

Good grilled scotch fillet and also enjoy any roast.


5 What’s on your Christmas wish list?

A safe efficient vaccine for Covid so we can all get back to some kind of normal – eg sports, shows etc. And some sense to return to World Trade.


Thank you Lyal!


Photos – Lyal – Lyal & Mark – The Llewellyns from the 2007 Annual.

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