11 Dec

Friday 5 with a Council Member!

This week’s Friday 5 is with Ross Collard – the Council Member from WA.

1 Who are you and where are you from?

Ross Collard from Beermullah, just north of Gingin WA.

2 What are the best things about Red Angus cattle?

Beautiful red coat and they fatten quickly.

3 Favourite Red Angus memories?

The 40th Anniversary show and dinner in Adelaide, with the Feature Show. There were big cattle  numbers and a great atmosphere all round.

4 Favourite cut of meat and/or meal?

Oyster blade cooked with onions.

5 What’s on your Christmas wish list?

New tennis racquet that won’t hit balls long or into the net – my old one has picked up some bad habits.

Thanks Ross!

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