29 Mar

Junior Red Angus Fundraiser

Thanks to the team at Elite Livestock Auctions, members and the general public, have a chance to help support the Junior Red Angus Team heading to Scotland as well as future Junior movement in the breed. Junior Red Angus are sending 4 young red enthusiasts to represent the breed and compete in the World Angus Forum Youth Programme, held in Scotland, late June. This sale is your opportunity to help support the team on their way. Any extra proceeds from this event will go towards creating further opportunities such as scholarships and events from Junior Red Angus.
This sale will be held online OPENING 8am Tues 25th of April & CLOSING 7pm Thursday 27th of April

If you are interested in donating anything from genetic packages, live lots, wine, paintings or any other sort of donation to the ” Junior Red Angus Fundraiser- Elite Livestock please email red.angus@abri.une.edu.au

Junior Red Angus would like to thank Elite Livestock Auctions, all donators of lots as well as all forms of sponsorship & the bidders.

Lots will be added soon. Click here to view the auction.

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