22 Jan

Red Angus cattle sold at Leongatha Store Sale

Three Red Angus studs, Hedley Range, Bootehill and Bostralis Reds, sold cattle at the Leongatha Feature Sale on Monday the 20th of January.

124 Hedley Range steers were offered for sale and had a weight range of 260-350kgs. They made 360c-378c per kilo.

2 grass backgrounding clients bought the whole draft.

Hedley Range heifers topped at $985, 345c/kg and were sold to a Red Angus breeder.

Bootehill cow and calf units averaged $1856 and sold from $1840-1890 per unit.

Bostralis Reds heifers topped at $910 and were sold to a buyer in Tasmania.

It was a great sale, well attended and buyers were both feedlotters and private enterprises.


CLICK HERE for the full sale story and photos from the Stock and Land.


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